India is at the verge of an economc superpowe with its large potential of development. In this process of economic reforms, Nagpur city and its adjoining suburbs have the fast growing investment – friendly environment.

Nagpur is centrally locted in India and has rising potential of economix development, Modern infrastructure, Hightech IT parks and other amenities. The Multi- model International Airport & Cargo Hub are the upcoming projects. As a major part of a Nagpur Metro Region, KAMPTEE is also a fast growing suburrban with its own potential of development.

Rich with its innovative and land mark construction of Internationally famed Dragon Palace Temple, Ogawa Society has made commerandable headway in proposing an World Enducation for Buddhist Culture & Arts Research Centre for recreational educational and economic development.

Dragon’s WEBCA is a promising project of Ogawa Society having 18.84 hectors of land situated adjoining to the world famous International Dragon Palace Temple with the large potential of National and International visitors.

Looking forward for multifold growth, we need strategic alliances and joint ventures with leaders, who are interested to develop this in collaboration with us. We are inviting the private investors, either on BOT basis with public/private partnership or by offering land on lease/ rent or any other mode as finalised between them.

In pursuance of our goal, we invite you to join hands for building a profitable venture.

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