Adv. SulekhaTai Kumbhare

           Mrs. Noriko Ogawa


Ogawa society is a charitable institution working for the betterment of most downtrodden people of the society in the field of Educational, Social, Economical and Cultural field. Ogawa society had created an International Monument in collaboration with Japanese Upasika Madam Noriko Ogawa which is name and styled as Dragon Palace Temple, which has become world famous and recognised as centre of Peace, Friendship and Humanity. Annually more than 50 lakhs people visit from different part of the country and across the world also. Ogawa society had also constructed Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Cultural and Research Centre to pay respect to the father of the constitution of India adjoining to International Dragon Palace Temple on 10 acres of land.

Ogawa Society is a Charitable Trust registered under Public Trust Act, 80G, 12A of Income Tax Act, 35 AC & FCR A Act. Ogawa Society working for the Welfare and Upliftment of the most down trodden society in the most trodden society in the field of Education, Social, Economical and Cultural.

Ogawa Society had constructed an International monument Dragon Place Temple. The Temple had received Internationals and Notional Awards for its Structural design. More then 50 Lakh people form different parts of India visited Dragon Palce Temple. Many delegates from japan, Shrilanka, Thailand, Burma, America, U.K., and other Countries had also visited this International Peace Center. They recognizes it as a source of Peace, Friendship and Harmony.

Dragon Palace Temple is considered as a landmark of INDO-JAPAN friendship because Madam Noriko Ogawa from Japan and Adv. Sulekhatai Kumbhare from India had contributed to build up this International Dragon Palace Temple in Central India.

Dragon Palace Temple was inaugurated in the year 1999 at the hands if Rev. Nichiki Kato, Tokyo, Japan. In this Inaugural ceremony, 120 Buddhist monks from Japan were present and also representatives of 14 countries participated in this grand function. A record number of 5 lacs people witness this inaugural ceremony.This International Dragon Palace Temple is being visited by 20 lacs people annually.

Social & Welfare Activities of OGAWA SOCIETY

Social Services & Welfare activities like Pension to the old age person, medical relief through medical Hospital. Organising free Medical Check-up Camps. Financial Assistance for sickle-cell Anaemia patients and prominent diseases. Free distribution of food. Awareness camps for women empowerment. Award by name “Savitribai Fule Paritoshik” to the women. Financial assistance to Women Workers co-operative society. Distribution of books and uniforms to the financially handicapped students from rural area. Free coaching classes for students. books and Library. Providing computers to schools in rural areas. workshops and seminar for financially weaker students. Competitive programs for students. Felicitation of merit students belonging to SC, ST and OBC. Support to the students for higher education. Computer training programs. support to the students for higher education. Distribution of wheel-chair to the physically handicapped. Financial assistance to orphanages home. Creche Centre Free Legal Aid Camp. Family Counselling Centre. Plantation Program. Publication of
Books etc.

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