Dragon Palace Vipassana Meditation Centre

Center of Peace, Friendship & Humanity 

Inaguration of Dragon Palace Vipassana Meditation Centre



The Ogawa Society had constructed an International Dragon Palace Temple and was inaugurated in the year 1999 in the presence of 110 Ven. Buddhist Monks from Japan. The Dragon Palace Temple was built by Buddhist Mahaupasika Madam Noriko Ogawa from Japan and Adv. Sulekhatai Kumbhare from India and as such Dragon Palace Temple is a symbol of Indo- Japan friendship. It will not be out of place to mentioned that the Dragon Palace Temple is situated in the heart of India just 16 km from Nagpur where Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar had adopted the Buddhism along with his more than 5 lakhs followers at Deekshabhoomi Nagpur. People visiting to ‘Pavitra’ Dçekshabhoomi will never fail to visit Dragon Palace Temple, Kamptee. Since last 18 years more than 1 million peoples from different parts of the country had visited and delegates from 26 countries across the world had also visited Dragon Palace Temple and recognized it as a centre of Peace, Humanity &Friendship. The Dragon Palace Temple is world famous for its outstanding Structural Architecture & Spiritual Excellence. The Government had also recognized it as a best Buddhist Tourist Place. For this reason, Dragon Palace Temple is also included in ‘Buddhist Tourist Circuit’ along with Deeksha bhoomi Nagpur by the Central Government.

            India’s most ancient techniques of meditation ‘Vipassana’ which was discovered by Lord Buddha more than 2500 years ago as a universal remedy for universal ills, as though it were the essential Art of Living. For some specific reason Buddha’s main teaching ‘Vipassana’ was lost to the world & Buddhavani became altogether unavailable in India. Before 500 years, the pure Vipassana in its origin form was preserved in Brahm.adesh (Mayanmar). Due to the endless efforts of Pujya Goyanka Guruji, the ‘Vipassana’ was reestablish in India in the year 1969.Today there are more than 1200 assistant teachers and senior teachers of ‘Vipassana’ are authorized by Shri Goyanica. Guruji, who teach Vipassana in over 90 countries 163 centres on every continent of the world in 64 languages. In 1982 after the sudden & sad demise of Dadasaheb N. H. Kumbhare (Sulekhatai’s Father) the renowned Social leader & Member of Parliament, Adv. Sulekhatai Kumbhare had devoted her life for the mission of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Being a Socialist, Dhamma Upasika and Meditator, Adv. Sulekhatai Kumbhare decided also to establish Vipassana Meditation Centre in the premises of Dragon Palace Temple. Within a very short period of 15 months the Dragon Palace Vipassana Meditation Centre is constructed with the assistance Social Justice Department of Maharashtra State on the 10 acres land of Ogawa Society. This Beautiful huge ‘ Pagoda’ is built with the help of skilled art workers from different part of the countries.

The Centre Pagoda of 72 feets & 4 small pagoda of 10 feets is the centre of attraction which resembles the pagoda of Brahmadesh. Dragon Palace Vipassana Meditation Centre is having Two huge Special Dhamma Hall for group meditation on the first & second floor. At the ground floor, the centre is having 24 individuals cell for meditation students, 8 individual cells for seniors students & One central cell at centre for ‘ Acharya Guruji’ .The Centre is having separate accommodation for male & female meditation students having single occupancy with required facilities. Separate Dormitories &Dinning Hall for male & female meditation students are also available. The whole centre is having beautiful landscape with pathways covered with 22 varieties of trees which creates ecofriendly environment.The Ogawa Society desires to have 10 days, 3 days and 1 day meditation courses for students, youths as well as for government employees and officials. To spread the Teachings of Lord Buddha in the intérest of mankind this Dragon Palace Vipassana Meditation Centre is dedicated to the peoples at large by the hands of President of India on 22nd September 2017.

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