World Famous Dragon Palace Temple

International Center of  Peace, Friendship & Humanity 

World Famous Dragon Palace Temple

    The Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple is situated in Kamptee which is about 18 km from the city of Nagpur (on the Nagpur-Jabalpur road). Recognized as one of the largest Buddisht Temple of central India the temple is revered as a landmark of Indo-Japan friendship. The temple is created and managed by  Madam Noriko Ogawa from the Ogawa Society of Japan contributed to the construction of this temple in the form of financial aid and cultural influence from Japan.  In this Inaugural ceremony, 120 Buddhists monks from Japan where present and also representatives of 14 countries participated in this grand function. A record number of 5 lacs people participated and witness in this inaugural ceremony.

    You can meditate here for a while as well. Thousands of devotees chant “Nangu-Mayo-Ho-Renge-Kyo” during the meditation hours. This is a great way to de-stress yourself. The temple was inaugurated on 23rd Nov 1999 by Reverend Nichiki Kato from Tokyo, Japan. Within a short span of time, the place has emerged as a largest devotional visitors and to be a place that is regularly thronged by tourists, which can be attributed to its commendable architecture and also what is its symbolic of- peace and harmony. The walls of the temple are brightly colored, and construction is in white marble. Colorful flowers, neatly manicured gardens and green landscapes amid which the temple is situated adds to its aesthetic appeal. A huge Buddha statue is placed on the 2nd floor.

    This Internationally acclaimed  Dragon Palace Temple is visited by 20 lacs visitors annually.


    • Lifetime achievement, joy and satisfaction is achieved being associated with the construction of Dragon Palace Temple of international standards. This temple is one of the outstanding reinforced concrete structures in India with world standards specifications of construction and outstanding architectural features. More than fifty consultants  of India and abroad are associated with this prestigious project. The dragon Palace Temple is constructed on a land of 10 Acres. The Dragon Palace Temple consists of main hall at the first floor with a space for  Lard Buddha. There are all round corridors of 4 M wide on all sides of the temple. Ground floor consists of large Museum, Air conditional auditorium and Library
    • The entire ground floor is designed by the interior designer. The furniture, chairs, ceiling and book racks are of top quality material. The entire temple has a inbuilt  sound system. The entire temple is of RCC structure with a uninterrupted span of 20m with a hall height of 14m Beauty of RCC Structure is its form finish concrete. The entire roof is of Italia Glass of blew color imported from Italy., to suit the environment,  fixed in epoxy resins.  Temple has World Class granite flooring designed to suit the temple. The dais and temple is of snow white marble specially brought from Rajasthan. The entire ground floor corridor staircases are of white marble designed to suit the structure. Entire paneling is of  color itched glass imported  from Belgium and the roof triangular glasses are colour designed to suit the environment.  Specially designed railing of high quality granite stones to suite the elevations or the building . Entire building. Entire Dragon Palace temple has a white epoxy painting.
    • The entire illumination or inside or outside is designed by the International experts. The illumination on Lord Buddha. One of the finest statue of Lord Buddha in world has single piece of Chandan Wood weighing 864 Kg is installed. This might be the best idol of Lord Buddha in India specially  imported from Japan. Any one gets total satisfaction of life by looking at the statue of Lord. Buddha with several Mudras from morning till Night in various angle. To get the total environmental effect of the Dragon Palace Temple the land scape in area of about Ten Acers has been done. Pathways of Agra stones. Pink marble from Makrana, water  body of glass and various plantations. have been done. This brings peace and satisfaction to any human living of any religion.
    • Lord Buddha was born in India and the Buddhist religion was spared across the globe.  This Dragon Palace Temple gives all features of Buddhist religion in all Archetechral  and Civil Construction. This Dragon Palalce Temple has enforced the Buddha religion in this country. If you travel by railway and cross kamptee., the beautiful illumination of this Temple is seen in night and a perspective view in daytime . The massage of panchsheel is spread by Lord Buddha.  Architechral   and structural shapes have been provided to feel the peace of life.
    • If one seen by open eyes the lord Buddha Temple is one of the finest Temple in the world Kamptee is the luckiest place and placed on the world.
    • Chief Archeitect of this temple is Madom Noriko Ogawa , Japan and Miss SulekhaKumbhare and their untiring efforts have completed this project of the Temple within two years. Miss SulekhaKumbhare has a big heart for poor and ambitious to spread the massage of Lord Buddha across the Globe.

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