Adv. SulekhaTai Kumbhare

Founder President 


Adv. Dadasaheb Kumbhare  was very renowned labor leader and worked throughout his life for the most down prudent people of the society. She was very much impressed by her fathers work and had decided to work along with him after becoming a lawyer. But unfortunately due to his sudden demise due to severe heart attack she could not work along with him. Because she did not have a brother, she gave the fire to her father’s body. His last pilgrimage was attended by a large number of people. Seeing this huge crowd of people, Sulekha Tai understood that, the death of the person who is born is certain that how long a person will live is not important, but how it is useful for nation is more important. On the day of cremation of her father she sworn to dedicate her life to social work. Since then, she has dedicated her life to complete the mission of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and to fulfill what her father had expected for the society.

Work For Society

In 1984 Sulekha Tai completed her LLB degree and and became Advocate. Her father has nearly 7,000 cases of Bidi workers and other workers. The responsibility of these 7,000 cases came to her. Her father always felt that bidi workers should get a pension. To fulfill this she has held a 35-day jail bharo movement for the rights of the Bidi workers and she succeeded. After some years the Bidi factory was closed, so about 800 workers were unemployed. For them she performed hunger strike of 8 days. At the time of this fasting, she met Noriko Ogawa Madam and she became friends with her.

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